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Windows 12 new features of Windows 12 Pro and Enterprise

In addition to the mentioned applications that are exclusive to the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 12, the new windows 12 iso operating system -as already mentioned- also offers several other noteworthy new features, which provide an even more improved user experience, especially by updating the overall look. New design principles have also been applied, for example:

  • Floating Layout: The redesigned interface of Windows 12 is distinguished from previous versions by transparent windows and floating-look elements, along with the new background image reminiscent of wavy fabric, giving the desktop a three-dimensional look.
  • Segoe Fluent Icons: Windows 12 also introduces a new system icon font with the new operating system, which is intended to improve the understandability of symbols and icons. Segoe Fluent follows three principles in the representation of glyphs: Minimal: glyphs contain only the details necessary to communicate the content; Harmonious – the glyphs are based on simple geometric shapes, and Evolved – the glyphs use modern metaphors that are easy for users to understand.
  • Sun Valley Design: The context menu overhaul has also paid more attention to clarity, which is most noticeable in the generally rounded corners. The animations when opening windows etc. have also been revised and look smoother. Icons for folders and Explorer have been modernized, and management tools have been renamed Windows Tools. Microsoft’s Edge browser has also received an updated design.
  • The dark mode is also available in individual apps, so you can work more focused on the screen.

Microsoft, Windows 12'de ChatGPT entegrasyonu sunabilir | DonanımHaber

In addition to the visual changes, the Start menu and taskbar have also been functionally revised to improve clarity and make Windows 12 easier to use:

  • The updated Windows 12 Start menu no longer displays the familiar live tiles from earlier versions and is not popular with many users, but is now more oriented towards the look of tablets and smartphones; this pursues the goal of a more consistent user interface across all Windows-capable end devices and drives an even smoother user experience.
  • The taskbar contains new icons, it is now centered at the bottom of the screen, but can also be grouped left justified as before.
  • In addition, the Teams communication platform has been integrated into the taskbar, replacing Skype, which is no longer available in Windows 12. With one click, users can chat with each other or participate in a video conference.
  • Less frequently used functions have disappeared from the menu, which means that the most important and frequently used functions are now more centralized.
  • The Infocenter separates the notification center from the quick settings in the Windows 12 version, which also leads to greater clarity, and the calendar is displayed when you tap on the date.
  • Widgets have returned to the desktop surface, again with the news bar for “news and interesting topics”; Third-party widgets can also be used.
  • There’s a new tablet mode for touchscreen devices, which is not only clearer with an improved on-screen keyboard, but also includes new features and touch gestures.
  • With Windows 12, you can also use Android apps and link your smartphone to them.
  • Other exciting individual features that are also available to users in Windows 12 are the new snipping tool for screenshots, additional features in the calculator, improved power saving mode, and the collection of Microsoft PowerToys available optionally.

For the latest information on new features in Windows 12 in general, as well as special functionality in the Pro and Enterprise editions, please contact the Wiresoft team.

Windows 12 – Buy Microsoft Windows 12 Pro and Enterprise editions as used software at Wiresoft

The two new Pro and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows 12 are now available from Wiresoft as used software at a reduced price. You benefit from these advantages:

  • You are acquiring genuine Microsoft software with a valid license key, not limited use or trial versions.
  • Labeling an edition of Windows 12 as “used software” does not signify any restriction on the functionality of the software.
  • Used Windows 12 Pro or Enterprise edition software has been checked by Wiresoft for full usability prior to resale.
  • Trading and using software used by Microsoft, such as Windows 12, is legal because it is permitted by law.
  • With the purchase of used licenses from Wiresoft you always acquire a legal and at the same time original Microsoft Windows 12 product.

If you have any questions about Microsoft Windows 12 Pro and windows 12 download fully activate Enterprise editions, simply contact us via chat, phone, or email.

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