Windows 12: Release date, price, and everything else we know

Windows 12 Launch Event: Best Features Revealed

Microsoft had scheduled a promising Windows 12 launch event today, June 24, and looking back, it seems like this newly revitalized operating system really is the “Windows of tomorrow.” The creators have talked about the highlights of Windows 12 in the 1-hour session that took place today, and we were able to catch the most exciting features that this new operating system will offer. Download windows 12 iso if you are still using windows 10.

Windows 12: Release date, price, and everything else we know

New features of Windows 12

Refined user interface

The first obvious but massive change is to the Windows 12 user interface which will prove something to watch out for. According to the Microsoft spokesperson, this operating system intends to build a space for its users where they can learn, create, play, produce, and connect in entirely new ways. We’re getting redesigned themes, a dark mode that will work better than ever, and a very smooth overall experience. Windows 12 is expected to be modern, fresh, clean, and beautiful from the lock screen to Windows Hello.

The new “Start” menu with its simple central layout is optimized for quick results. Quoting the Microsoft representative, the interface puts “you at the center.” It seems that Windows has given a lot of priority to small details. No matter how small, the details matter, and this is why the developer team at Microsoft obsessed over every pixel to make Windows 12. Small-scale but catchy new interface features, like the way the light moves over the icons, the colors, and the textures all seem to fit the elegance of the design of this new operating system. As mentioned above, the themes have been redesigned and each one has been adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.

In Windows 12, there will be rounded corners around each product. This improves usability, along with smoother images that come to life every time you click an app to open it. Windows Widgets is another very promising feature that we will talk about in depth a bit later. Still, the transparency assigned to this feature is an important part of the Windows 12 user interface. When apps are opened on top of each other, everything is easy to select thanks to the transparency functionality. Again, attention to detail is something Microsoft hasn’t compromised on this time around. The idea is to build peace of mind when you navigate windows 12 iso download. Because of that, this system will feel, look, and behave completely differently than Windows 10.

Faster updates

In this case, Microsoft has claimed that Windows updates will be 40% smaller. This arises in response to their efficiency as they occur in the background.

In the end, the product consumes less power and has more battery stored for the rest of the day.


Windows 12 is perhaps the most interactive and productivity-oriented operating system to date. Several new updates make it more adaptable than ever. Microsoft has explained this in the terms that if you are reading news on a website on your phone with your Microsoft account connected. You will see the same web page on your Windows 12 desktop later. It is cloud-based to provide you with the documents you need. Therefore, the connectivity is unrivaled here. You use your phone and you get everything in Windows without problems. If you’re using a 2-in-1 device, your Windows experience will remain the same no matter if you unplug the keyboard. Everything is refined for touch, keyboard, voice, and even the stylus. Windows 12 also uses specialized haptics. The pen will make you feel vibrations and everything that follows. The operating system automatically adapts to the way you touch, type, and use your voice. There’s even a small-scale keyboard in tablet mode on supported devices.

adjust layouts

Snap Layouts is another exclusive feature of Windows 12 that allows you to increase productivity levels like never before. Hover over the “Minimize” button on your window and find several ways to change the layout of your window. On a single screen, you can have three or four windows neatly arranged together to help you get many things done on time. You can easily sort and switch between your tasks. Also, you have the ability to snap two apps side by side. Each layout adapts to the size of your screen and there are multiple layouts for better productivity. The main goal of this feature is to keep complexity as simple as possible.

windows widget

Another newer feature that was first introduced in Windows 12 is widgets. Think of this like a beautiful pane of glass, bringing you curated content in the form of a personalized feed. Widgets slide across your desktop, bringing you the latest on your interests. Popular topics include gaming, local news, tech, and esports so you can stay up to date.

Vertical tabs feature in Microsoft Edge

Although this relates to Microsoft’s special browser and not the operating system we’re talking about right now, it’s worth mentioning. Microsoft Edge will now include a feature that will allow users to view tabs vertically instead of the original, more complicated horizontal method that became even more complex when working with many tabs open.


All new Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has received a complete overhaul. Now it’s faster, smoother, and has a rich user experience. The “Entertainment” tab in Windows 12 has been redesigned to offer more versatility to users. Searching for things is now much easier. The updated Microsoft Store wasn’t available in the leaked version of Windows 12, but we’re glad to see it up and running today. Also, Microsoft Store is not just for people to download games. It’s also for developers and now it’s easy to build with Microsoft. The company announced that it will be easy for developers to develop and get their games from the Microsoft Store. More information is provided in the developer event below.

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