healthy food for abs

Foods that will help you define your abs

We have already commented on some occasion that the abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym, and it is true. And there are certain foods that, due to their characteristics and nutritional value, are more suitable than others to uncover them and achieve a strong, aesthetic and defined six pack. So here we go with the 10 best ones that you can take. Proteins are a pillar for a healthy diet. Whether you want to take care of yourself or if you want to work the body with exercises, proteins are essential. These play an important role in the goal of recovering and growing muscle, since the body must be assisted in its recovery process from exertion. This importance lies in the fact that, during training, the muscle cells are subjected to greater stress than they normally are, which means that you have to recover part of those cells and generate new ones, for which protein synthesis is essential. crucial for gaining muscle and burning fat. Foods rich in protein are the best ally of the muscles, but they are also of a healthy diet, since proteins are less caloric than carbohydrates or fats, so a higher proportion of proteins in a diet of weight loss or, simply, in your day to day, it is a good option to maintain the line and a good physique.

healthy food for abs

10 foods to uncover your abs and mark the six pack

1- Avoid polyunsaturated fats and ultra-processed foods, bet on real food, with a single ingredient if possible.

2- Reduce the consumption of red meat. Especially that of veal or beef, which are richer in fat. Red meat, as well as dairy and eggs, also provide us with healthy fats for weight loss, but white meat is better for your abs. (How much protein and calories are in the eggs you eat).

3- Turkey or chicken, it doesn’t matter. Turkey is particularly high in conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, the trans fat that actually helps improve heart health and reduce belly fat. Chicken, on the other hand, lacks CLA, but it is the number one source of linoleic acid.

4- Skimmed milk and zero sugar yogurts. The calcium, protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients in dairy are really good for us,

5- Not all fish are good. Besides protein, the big nutrient in fish is omega-3 fatty acids, which are derived from the bottom of the ocean food chain and find their way into the muscles of cold-water fish like mackerel or tuna. . But much of what we eat today is farmed fish like tilapia, catfish, and even most forms of salmon. Unless you know your fish was wild-caught, choose wisely and the smaller the better, because of mercury. (The best fish for your muscles).

6- Nuts: energy-dense foods like nuts have gotten a bad rap in the past, but they contain exactly the kind of calories we need. Nuts are packed with protein, to support your abdominal muscles.

7- Starches help you get rid of your belly. Some starches, such as lentils, peas, beans, oats, bananas, corn, and potatoes (especially with the skin on) are known as “resistant starch.” They pass through the small intestine intact and are digested in the large intestine, where they are processed by our healthy gut microbes. That action causes our microbes to release a fatty acid called butyrate, which helps turn off genes that lead to inflammation and insulin resistance.

8- Not everything integral is good for your abs. Especially if it appears packaged with colorings and additives, which are enemies of your abs. Buy better in the market.

9- Cereals. Like their starchy cousins, grains are often high in carbohydrates. But grains and their cousins, legumes, are packed with minerals like magnesium and chromium, which fight the stress hormone cortisol. Whole grains also contain an amino acid called betaine, which positively influences the genetic mechanism of insulin resistance and fat storage.

10- Red fruits: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries… they are all very good in order to define your abs.

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